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Package Building Kits

For The Do-It-Yourselfer Or Contractor
  • We Can Offer You More Than A Regular Building Material Supply Company
  • You Will Receive A Material List To Show You What Material Was Figured And The Quantities
  • We Will Supply You With A Small Drawing To Show The Placement Of Materials On Your Building
  • We Have A Builder’s Manual That Can Answer Some Of Your Questions And Give You Ideas On The Construction Of Your Building
  • We Can Do An Outside Drawing And Layout On Our Computer Programs
  • With Our Building Kits, You’ll Feel Comfortable Knowing That You Will Be Getting All The Material Needed To Do The Job
  • Materials Are Figured For A Level Jobsite, Unless Otherwise Specified
  • If You Need Help Designing A Project, We Have Plenty Of Knowledgeable Staff To Assist You
  • We Can Supply You With Literature On All The Accessories Of Your Building
  • If You Run Into Any Kind Of Problem, We Have A Very Well-Trained Staff To Help You Get Past Any Problem
Quality Is Our #1 Priority!
Standard Package Building Design
Package Building Kits
  1. Solid 6” X 6” Treated Posts-Full Length
  2. Posts Anchored In Concrete With 9” X ½” Rebar Pin
  3. 2” X 8” Treated Splashboard
  4. 2” X 6” Side Nailers (girts)
  5. Inner And Outer Rafter Supports
  6. Straight Chord Trusses
  7. Lateral Truss Ties Full Length Of Building
  8. 2” X 4” Purlins – 2’ On Center
  9. #1 Metal With Limited Lifetime Warranty
  10. Roof Starter
  11. Z-Trim Around Base
  12. Gutters (extra)
  13. One Piece Roof And Side Metal
  14. All Metal Installed With Screws
  15. Steel Straps In Corners/Roof (optional)

Package Building Kits

  • Let B & A Figure IT for you
  • Includes All Materials you will need to build

B & A Construction’s Package Buildings Kits are a comprehensive way to quote your customers with the knowledge that nothing has been left out. Simply provide B & A with all the details of your building and we will give you a quote on the entire building supply kit from posts and concrete mix to the finishing touches!

24′ x 32′ x 8′ 3″ : $6,115.00
30′ x 40′ x 8′ 3″ : $7,765.00
6″ x 6″ Solid Treated Posts
(1) 16′ x 7′ Overhead Door & (1) Walk Door
Metal, Trim & Trusses
Manufactured Onsite!

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