August Newsletter

As many of you know, B&A’s new truss shop is up and running full speed ahead!  Our production has more than doubled.  We are very pleased with the new shop & overwhelming support from all of you.  Our new building now stocks many standard sized trusses, for your convenience.

We are having an Open House at the new shop, located at 2875 S. US 231, on Saturday, August 24th from 8am-11am (EST).  There will be food, drinks and entertainment.  We will be proudly demonstrating our new capabilities using our automated machines.  Our stocked trusses will be on display as well.  If you are unable to attend, feel free to drop by anytime for a tour! 

We’re Here To Help!

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular.  The textured/crinkle finish is a big hit for Ag Metal & Standing Seam roofs alike.  Classic gloss finish is available for both styles as well.  Both carry an outstanding 40year warranty & come in a variety of colors with custom colors available to order. B&A cares about our customers & want to help you succeed with your projects and/or businesses.  If you are interested in installing metal roofs of any kind, please let us know!  Our friendly, knowledgable staff can give you expert advice on all aspects of metal roofs from pricing, on through to proper ventilation and installing.  Metal roofs yield a good profit, look beautiful and have very few downsides.  We carry samples of the different styles of roofs & metal chips to show your customers.  Recently, we designed a new brochure and roofing guide (soon to come) with many different roofing options, as well as diverse homes & buildings.  There are also several other specialized brochures in the works to better serve your individual needs.

Contact Us!

Once again, B&A would sincerely like to thank everyone for your patronage & positivity.  Please drop by for a tour of our truss & metal shops, or advice from one of our specialists.  Mention this newsletter to get some of our new promotional merchandise!  B&A values your business, opinions and feedback.  Let us know if there is a subject you would like to see covered in upcoming newsletters.  We’re here to help you with any design, construction or installation questions you have.  

We hope to see you at the Open House this month!