Garage Kits Southern Indiana

Garage Kits Southern Indiana

Garage Kits Southern Indiana

Garage Kits Southern Indiana Customers Get for These Advantages

B & A Metal sells garage kits that southern Indiana customers find affordable and attractive. When you purchase garage kits from us, your project receives the following benefits:

  • A detailed list of all materials and supplies figured into the project.
  • A helpful drawing that acts as a guide for placement of materials on the building.
  • Inspiration on ideas for your project and a resource to find answers to your questions with a builder’s manual.
  • The option to have us generate a detailed outside drawing with our computer software.
  • The knowledge you get all the materials you will need for your project in one shop.
  • The choice to get help with the design of your project from our knowledgeable staff.

Standard Garage Kits Southern Indiana Contractors Can Base Customer Quotes on

B & A Metal garage kits allow contractors a simple and complete way to provide customers with quotes on projects. Once we receive all the information on the desired building, we calculate an accurate estimate for the whole kit quickly. Standard garage kits southern Indiana clients request information on typically include:

  • Solid 6” X 6” Treated Full-Length Posts
  • Posts Anchored in Concrete with 9” X ½” Rebar Pin
  • 2” X 8” Treated Splashboard
  • 2” X 6” Side Girts
  • Inner and Outer Rafter Supports
  • Straight Chord Tresses
  • Lateral Truss Ties
  • 2” X 4” Purlins – 2’ On Center
  • #1 Metal with Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Roof Starter
  • Z-Trim Around the Base
  • Gutters
  • One-Piece Roof and Side Metal
  • All Metal Installed with Screws
  • Optional Steel Straps in Corners/Roof
Garage Kits Southern IN

Contact B & A Metal for Garage Kits Southern Indiana Residents Want

B & A Metal sells garage kits southern Indiana customers prefer for confidence in their projects. They know with us that they get all of the material they need with one-stop shopping. In order to get pricing or find out more information, call us today at 812-683-4600 or contact us online. Unsure if we serve your area? Our shop resides at 772 W Third Street in Huntingburg, located in Dubois County. Therefore, check out our service area map page to get an idea where our most frequent customers live. Also, let us know if you need help with design and construction of post frame, conventional or steel buildings or pole barn homes. We specialize in work on those projects.