No matter who you choose to build your project, we want to help you make an informed decision. The following is a list of questions to take into consideration before choosing a contractor, and what B&A does to be your top pick!

With so many contractors available, how do I know I picked the right one?

At B&A, quality and customer service are our top priorities. Our experienced crews put their best efforts into every project, whether it is metal/material supply or a turn-key home. Though we use only the highest quality materials and experienced crews, not everything goes according to plan. For this reason, we offer a 5 year workmanship warranty, which is next to unheard of in this industry.

How do I know B&A is the right choice to build my project?

We started as Thacker Construction in 1978. Over the past 40 years, we have grown into a second generation business, with knowledgeable employees that are ready to help you build the job that exceeded your expectations. Our crews will take the time to make sure your building is as well-designed as possible. We stand behind our promise that you will be completely satisfied with our workmanship. We proudly provide a 5-year warranty on all of our work and material, and our metal roofs carry a 40 year warranty. No matter what we build for you, we guarantee it will stand above the competition in quality, durability, and beauty!

What makes B&A’s products superior to others?

We produce as many of our products as our capabilities allow. The products that we cannot manufacture in house, we carefully select from local suppliers. This allows us to carefully control the quality of products we use, which ultimately controls the quality of buildings we produce. Our metal products are formed in our shop from American made steel and our custom trusses are built with American sourced lumber.

What happens if there are any problems during the construction of my building?

Our experienced crews and supervisors have the experiences and know-how to correct most problems. In addition to being in business for over 40 years, our long-term employees have experienced almost everything that could happen during a project. When problems happen, but cannot be undone or stopped, B&A carries full insurance and offers workman’s compensation to all employees. Some companies cut corners and save money but choosing to not offer these options, but we feel as though it is important and necessary to protect ourselves and our customers alike. We staff supervisors to oversee all projects, so you can trust that your project will be completed safely and efficiently.

What materials do B&A use to make buildings last so long?

In addition to using only American made steel, we use larger lumber than most to build our frames. Our posts are 6×6, as opposed to the industry standard of 4×6. We also use 2x6s for our side-nailers, while most use 2x4s. This creates a stronger frame, which increases the integrity of the building. The concrete floors we use also contain more cement. Our floors are 4000PSI, while others are 3000-3500PSI. A higher PSI creates more resistance to downward force. In addition to stronger concrete, we use 2” of fill rock to create a cushion for the flooring to absorb more pressure, increasing its strength and decreasing its likelihood of cracking. If the floor were to crack, we saw cut each one to direct the cracks and prevent them from spreading. Each of our overhead doors are placed with a 1” notch in front to create a barrier from water coming inside the building. We use steel straps for bracing on our frames to increase the strength of the finished building. We use extra trim and flashing to make a weather tight building with more curb appeal.

Why is it important to use American made steel?

American steel is controlled by strict standards and federal regulations that insure the quality is higher than foreign competitors. U.S. steel is tested to make sure buildings withstand the test of time and weather, and to prevent it from becoming brittle and cracking when being welded. B&A uses American steel because of the high quality it provides. We also value supporting the American economy. In addition to domestic steel, the coils we roll our steel from our gauged before being painted. This creates a thicker, more durable metal that will hold up for years past the competition. For these reasons, we call our metal roofs “the last roof you will ever need.”

What is the basic process for a building, start to finish?

There are many steps to consider when building a new structure. From start to finish, here are the general steps of the building process. B&A offers complete services from planning to completion. From tree removal to grass sewing, we will see your project through!

1. Establish a budget: What exactly can you afford? Are you factoring in all expenses?
2. Location: Where will you build? Is the land suitable for construction? Is the site level?
3. Site Leveling: If the site is not level, which option will you choose to level it? Options include: pouring retaining walls, concrete blocks, treated boards, or pouring a concrete footer.
4. Utilities: How will your home get water? Electricity? Sewage?
5. Type: Will you have a post frame or conventional style home? If you are going with a conventional style, will your home have a basement? How many levels?
6. Floor Plan: How many bedrooms and bathrooms will your home have? How many square feet?
7. Style: What features will your home have? Gable roof? Porch? Overhangs? What pitch roof? Will the trim be stained or painted wood? What type of floor system, wood or concrete? What kind of cabinets, appliances, etc?
8. Driveway/Landscaping: Once the home is built, how will you access it? What landscape features will surround it?

Additional Steps: If you are building a garage, there are also more options to consider. Will it have electricity? Heating/Cooling? Heated floors? Floor drains?

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Please contact B&A Construction and Design/ Metal Products and Supply at (812)683-4600/(866)683-4646 or email danielle@banda-construction.com for any questions you may have!