Truss Shop is now Open!

Our new Truss Shop is now running and accepting orders!

The building itself went through a huge overhaul, and we are proud of it! With the shop being larger than the previously used one, we are now able to produce much larger trusses and truss orders.

At the start of the production line, the lumber, which is yellow pine, is cut to the required length for the truss. A six-blade component saw cuts the webs and cords, which are the outer and inner parts of the truss. The use of this saw cuts production time in half, which allows the builders to produce more trusses at a quicker rate.

After the lumber is cut, it is laid out on a jig that holds the individual pieces in place to ensure each truss is identical and structurally sound. After this step, metal truss plates are pressed into the joints. The finished trusses pass through a roller to secure the plates.

Once the trusses are finished, a large stacking machine picks them up and holds them in place so they can be banded together. Not only does this reduce the risk of broken trusses, it helps prevent injury to employees by trying to manually stack them. The stacker can hold fifty trusses at one time!

In the coming months, we will be stocking some common size trusses that will be available for purchase! So rather than ordering trusses and waiting, some will be readily available, much like the trims in our metal shop!

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